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Lectures and slides

The seven (optionally eight) lectures F1 to F7 during the first seven weeks of HT1:

# Content Slides
1 Part 1: Course introduction: Embedded concurrent real-time software.
Part 2: Introduction to concurrency and semaphores.
2 Threads: Java Threads , synchronization principles, and execution models. Concurrent design reflecting asynchronous operations, exemplified for Lab 1.



More about mutual exclusion and semaphores. Variants of semaphores and Java classes therefore. Additional Lab1 info.


Object-oriented concurrency, including notions for blocking and Rendez-vous. Monitors and conditions: Monitors as a principle and as synchronized objects in Java (synchronized, wait, and notify).

5 Part 1: Deadlock (analysis and avoidance).
Part 2: Part Message-based communication and synchronization.
6 Scheduling techniques. Priority inversion and priority inheritance. Additional industrial slides on static scheduling shown but not handed out. pdf
7 Scheduling analysis, including a set of slides explaining the priority cieling protocol by example. pdf

Real-time memory management. Real-Time Java (see also YouTube Video). Introduction to network communication. More about design of concurrent systems. Exam hints.




Lecture Period 2 (lp2), see project and exam info.