Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Reading advice

The course is defined by the slides and in addition, the book, as specified below, should be used to get a deeper understanding of the course. Principles are much more important than details. For instance, learn why  some problem is solved as it is rather than the exact details of how it is implemented.7

The imprtance of different chapters are specified below, where S means it can be skipped, and the digit a target grade. As can be seen, there is nothing  particular in the book which only those who aim for grade 5 should read.

1-83      3      Chapters 1-5
85-111SChapter 6
113-131    3Chapter 7
133-159SChapter 8 --- too detailed
161-1733Chapter 9
175-2303Chapter 10-11: principles only.
231-2604Chapter 12
261-3354Chapter 13-16: principles only.
337-3403Chapter 17