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Reserved Linux kernel files

Send email to Jonas to reserve a Linux kernel source file for a 10 minutes presentation. If you are two persons presenting a source file, you should preferably do so 10-15 minutes.

Try to explain the purpose of the file and what the most important functions do. You don't have to (and should not) explain every single detail on each line but try to explain as much as possible within the time limit (there will be an alarm watch).

You can either bring your own laptop or use mine. If you have made a pdf file, email it to me at least 10 minutes before the presentation. It's optional to prepare pdf files.

To explain the the purpose of the file, describe what it's contents do and why that is useful in the kernel, and to explain what the most important functions do, navigate through the source code and explain what you see to a reasonable level of detail.

Reserved files

  • Sebastian Fabian och Jerry Lindström zram_drv.c
  • Anton Norell: panic.c
  • Birger Kleve: stop_task.c
  • Christian Hernvall och Suraj Alok Sinha: reboot.c
  • Sigurður Ægir Jónsson: mutex.c
  • Johan Calven: freezer.c
  • Christer Persson och Sebastian Mellström: watchdog.c