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EDA180 Compiler Construction



  • The reason is that it will be replaced by a course Compilers, EDAN65, to be held in the fall of 2014. The new course will be at the advanced level. There is also a new course Project in Computer Science, EDAN70 given after the compiler course, and where you can do a compiler project.


  • The extra exam is planned be held on 2013-08-30, 8-13, Victoriastadion 1A.
    • 1 week advance registration is required. Email on August 23 at the latest, if you wish to take this exam.
    • The exam might be moved to the E house if there are few registrations.
    • To be eligible for the exam you need to have completed all lab assignments.


  • One of the extra lab occasions has been moved to Tuesday afternoon before the exam, to allow students to become eligible for the exam. The two extra occasions are now as follows
    • Tuesday, March 12, 15-17, E:Beta. (Niklas Fors)
    • Tuesday, March 19, 15-17, E:Beta. (Jesper Öqvist)


  • The exam is on Wednesday, 08:00-13:00, in Sparta:D
  • While you should normally have completed all lab assignments to be allowed to write the exam, we hereby grant a general exemption if you have completed five of the assignments. Note, however, that we will not mark your exam unless you have completed all the assignments by March 19. There will be the following two extra lab occasions for completing the assignments. You can go to either of these, or both:
    • Monday, March 18, 15-17, E:Beta. (Niklas Fors)
    • Tuesday, March 19, 15-17, E:Beta. (Jesper Öqvist)


  • The course now has two student representatives:
    • Axel Keskikangas, axel.keskikangas.841 AT
    • Christian Lindgren, dt07cl5 AT


  • There have been changes of lecture room for the Tuesday lectures. On Tuesday Jan 29 we will be in MH:A, i.e., in Mattehuset, and not in Matteannexet!!! The official TimeEdit schedule shows the correct rooms.


  • The seminars are in MA:026 which is the same as MA:06.
  • We will use Piazza as a question/answer forum for the course. If you did not receive email about this, you can sign up here.


  • MA:020 is the same as MA:03.


  • Lecture hall for Lecture 1 changed to MA:020.


  • Added links to Course Program and Schedule
  • For late registrations, email Gorel.Hedin AT
  • The first lecture will be on Tuesday, January 22, at 15:15-17:00, in MA:022 MA:020 ("Matte-annexet").
  • The course text book is Appel: Modern Compiler Implementation in Java. 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, 2002, ISBN: 0-521-82060-X. It is available on-line at LUBsearch (english, swedish), using your STIL identity. You can also buy a physical copy at major internet bookstores like Adlibris, Bokus, and Amazon. Please note that they have delivery times of a week or so. Make sure you get the second edition from 2002 or later.
  • There are two alternative lab sessions (Thursday 13-15 or Friday 10-12). Sign up for the one you prefer at the SAM system. Use your "SAM" identity, i.e., something like dt08nn0, ada09nn1, dat10nn2, etc. Email Görel if you have problems. Deadline: Thursday Jan 24.

2012-11-02: The course instance 2013 will be given by Görel Hedin. More information about the course will be added later.

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Credits: 7,5 hp

Periods: VT1-2 2013

Schedule: by TimeEdit

Optional for:  D4, E4, F4, Pi4

Course program

Syllabus: by KA

Teacher: Görel Hedin