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EDA216 - Database Technology


Labs start: this week. Lab groups. (26/1)

Buy course material (slides etc): in E2179, Lena Ohlsson's office. Office hours 9.30–11.30 and 12.45–13.30. (22/1)

Course representatives: Anna Lissborg and Elin Sakurai from C, Ragnar Mellbin from D. (19/1)

About the course

This course is about databases, both in theory and in practice. We concentrate on relational databases but will also discuss object-oriented and object-relational databases. You will also learn to use SQL and to write Java and PHP programs that interface to a database.

Facts about the course

Credits: 7,5 hp 

Study period: period 3 (and project in period 4) 2015

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Course responsible: Per Holm

Course plan:  Here and also handed out during first lecture.

Literature: Garcia-Ullman-Widom.

Formal course description: In English and in Swedish.

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