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EDA216 - Database Technology


2017-12-09: The course will start on January 16, 2018 - you can find the schedule in TimeEdit.

2016-12-05 According to the formal course description (see link to the right), the course is given in Swedish, and the lectures will indeed be in Swedish, but the material on this web site, and on the lecture slides, will be in English. You can send questions in either Swedish or English.

The first lecture will be on Monday Jan 16, 8-10 in MA:6, attendance is not required.

About the course

This course teaches databases, with an emphasis on relational databases. You will learn how to design a database using E/R modeling and various kinds of normalization, and how to use SQL and Java to interface to a database. You will also get an introduction to NoSQL databases (including graph databases).

Facts about the course

Credits: 7,5 hp 

Study period: vt 1 (and project in vt2) 2017

Schedule: TimeEdit

Instructor: Christian Söderberg

Course plan:  See lectures (left menu).

Formal course description: In English and in Swedish.

General course links:

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