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A small collection of voluntary exercises with solutions.
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Reading advice

All references in this paragraph refers to the book:
Edward Angel & Dave Schreiner: Interactive Computer Graphics "A Top-Down Approach with Shader-Based OpenGL" (6th edition) - International Edition 

Chapter 1 - (All) Pinhole camera, human visual system, graphics pipeline

Chapter 2 - (All) This chapter gives a quick introduction to OpenGL and simple GLSL.
Most content is repeated in other chapters, but this chapter ties it together nicely. 

Chapter 3 - (All except 3.13-3.14)
Definitions: Scalars, points, vectors, dot & cross product, frames. 
Transformation: Translation, rotation & scaling.
Concatenation of transforms.
Coordinate frames, homogeneous coordinates.

Chapter 4 - (4.3-4.9)
Derivation of camera transform from VRP, VPN and VUP (the LookAt function). Perspective projection including matrix representation. The z-buffer and backface culling (4.8). 

Chapter 5 - (All except 5.6 and 5.11)
Light sources. Diffuse and Specular shading.
The Phong shading model. GLSL

Chapter 6: (6.11) : Hidden surface removal, z-buffer

Chapter 7:
7.2, 7.4-7.6. Texture Mapping. 
7.8-7.10 Environment Mapping, Reflection Map  & Bump Mapping

Chapter 8: 
8.1-8.2: Hierarchical Models
8.3-8.4: A robot arm
8.8: Scene Graphs

Chapter 9: (9.9 Procedural Noise)

Chapter 10: 
10.1: Implicit and explicit representations
10.5: Hermite Curves
10.8.5: Catmull-Rom splines

Chapter 11: 
11.2-11.3: Ray tracing
11.4: The rendering equation