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Design of Embedded Systems Advanced Course - HT2015


  • 2015-11-09: The 2015 run is now complete. The project documents and files are now available in Projects 2015. Thank you all the groups for the effort and nice results!
  • 2015-09-24: A quick reminder about the next lecture's invited talk. Fuad Tabba who is a Media Processing Engineer at ARM, Lund will give a talk titled
    "Introduction to GPU Performance Modeling at ARM"
    Short abstract:
    I will give an overview of ARM and its role in the semiconductor business. I will also give an overview of GPU performance modelling at ARM’s Media Processing Group here in Lund. Like CPUs, GPUs have been growing exponentially in speed and in complexity, with long design phases. GPU Architects cannot reason about such complex systems based on intuition alone, and by the time the hardware description is available it is too late to make significant alterations to these designs. Therefore we resort to using flexible and approximate performance models of the designs.

  • 2015-09-10: The Xilinx toolchain is now available in E:Neptunus (on most computers, I have verified this personally) and a few other lab rooms, after being absent, as mentioned during the lecture. 
  • 2015-08-05: Webpage up and running. You should now be able to register your group.
  • 2015-08-04: Webpage update for 2015 has begun. Be patient, it might take a while...

Facts about the course

Credits: 7,5 hp

Study period: HT 2015

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Course responsible:
Flavius Gruian

E-mail: Flavius.Gruian [aT)

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