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EDAA40 - Discrete Structures in Computer Science VT2


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Welcome to the course on Discrete Structures in Computer Science, VT2 2020.

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, all teaching activities are currently moved online. Lectures will be provided as sequences of video clips on Piazza, during the time slots for lectures and seminars we shall meet online using Zoom to discuss questions and comments you might have.

  1. Our online Zoom meetings will take place at
  2. In preparation for the course, you can do the following:
    (a) Sign up for the Piazza course page here.
    (b) Get a (free) Zoom account here. (Make sure you use this link to the LU Zoom portal, not a general Zoom address.)
    (c) Install and get started with Clojure.
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Course Facts

Credits: 5 hp

Cource code: EDAA40

Study period: VT2

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Alexander Sandstöm (assistant)
Ellen Grane (assistant)
Idriss Riouak (assistant)
Jorn W. Janneck (lecturer)
Linnea Bokelund (assistant)
Ludvig Pärsson (assistant)

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