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NOTE: The text below applies to previous installments of the course. Due to distance learning, these might change in 2020.

What you can bring

Any written or printed material is fine. Textbook, other books, the printed slides, your notes, whatever you like.

Things I would recommend for this exam would be the book and the printed slides. If the full printout of the slides is a bit too much for your taste, use the handouts instead. They also have room for notes, so you can put in annotations that are useful to you.

In any case, it would be good to have a source for the relevant definitions, and also for notation, just in case you don't remember the precise definition of everything we discussed in the course. Do not rely only on the slides of the Recap lecture.


What you cannot bring

Anything electronic: computers, calculators, phones, any communication device, ...


Exam & Solution

exam solution

Past exams 

You will find most of the relevant material from past exams compiled into the exercises. The reason is that these are arranged by lecture topic, so you can work on them as you go along, whereas exams cover all the material. However, if you want to take a look at what an exam could look like, here are some of them.

2016 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2017 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2018 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2019 VT2exam 1   solution

2019 Exercises

... as a ZIP file

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