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Testfiler till laborationerna

Data files on GitHub

Shiny-shiny! As of 2015, all data files needed for the labs in this course are in a repo on GitHub.



I took the opportunity to slightly change a few file extensions. In particular, files like are now called blabla-in.txt and blabla.out is not blabla-out.txt. This is because the -in and -out-extensions were messing with people’s operating systems.

Old locations

In the days of yore, the test files were on the local machines, as described below.

The files are still there, and I won’t take steps to remove them. If you want, take them from there. I won’t maintain those sources, however, and as of 2015, the GitHub files are now the only official place to get the data files. 

Old information below:

Testfiler till laborationerna kommer att placeras i katalogen /usr/local/cs/edaf05/ i underkataloger med namnen lab1, lab2,...lab6. Eftersom det ibland uppstått problem med att accessa dessa kataloger kommer länkar till filerna att ges på denna sida.

Testfiler till laboration 1


Testfiler till laboration 2

Testfil till laboration 3


Testfiler till laboration 4

Finns i följande zip-fil:

Testfiler till laboration 5

Finns i följande zip-fil:


Testfil och resultatfil för laboration 6