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EDAF15 Algorithm Implementation

Welcome to this course!

The first lecture is on Monday 20 March, in MA:6 at 8.

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 You will learn the C programming language, enough computer architecture to understand how to exploit a modern machine to make your programs fast, and a methodology to improve the speed of your C programs.

The lectures in 2017 are in MA:6 on Mondays at 8 and on Thursdays at 10. The labs start on the second study week.

The course literature is Skeppstedt/Söderberg: Writing Efficient C Code: A Thorough Introduction, ISBN 978-1530414154. It is available at the Amazon sites such as (and a few copies of the edition printed in Lund probably are available at Adlibris). The course book has a site where you can ask questions if you like. However, it is probably more efficient to use my office hours all weekdays at 12.30 - 13.00, in room E:2190.