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Lectures via Zoom and more

The plan right now is to keep some of the lectures via Zoom (what?). Other lectures will be transformed into a discussion/QA session and some own study. There is a special room for the EDAF35 lectures. Use the course code, small letters, as password to get in. An instructor (usually me) will be in the virtual room during the following times:

  • "Test your computer with Zoom": Mar 20, at 11:00 - this is an extra occasion, when you should try to get in and check whether everything works properly. I will be there for at least 15min to answer questions and test various things. (You may be able to enter the room at other times - I will get a notification.)
  • L1 - 10:15-12:00, whole lecture. Being the first lecture, I will run this as a normal lecture (but via Zoom).
  • L2 - own study + 09:15-10:00, discussion, answering questions. Jonas Skeppstedt and I will prepare some material for you to have a look at on your own time. If you have questions about the material, Jonas and I will be online for that period.
  • L3 - 10:15-11:00 (ish) + own study
  • L4 - own study + 09:15-10:00, answering questions online. I will add some lecture material (small tutorial films) on this page.
  • L5 - again, I will put up a couple of pre-recorded youtube clips addressing the topic and at 10:15 we meet for Q&A.
  • Easter! more videos will be posted for the upcoming lectures.
  • L6 - lecture available on youtube
  • L7 - own study and youtube lecture + May 6, 9:15-10:00 Q&A
  • L8 - own study and youtube lecture + May 11, 10:15-11:00 Q&A
  • All lecture material is now available in the table below.

The lectures are based mainly on the chapters from the "Operating System Concepts" by Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne (Ninth Edition, International Student Edition) with additional slides from the previous versions of the course, courtesy of Jonas Skeppstedt. Do read the slides provided at the book website!

To prepare for the course, read the chapters specified in the table, the lecture slides, as well as the book slides available at the above link. I will refer to the reading material by chapter, using  OSCn to refer to Chapter n in the Operating System Concepts, International Student Edition book. Note also that the International Student Edition may have a different order of chapters compared to your OSC book - go by the title/content of the lecture rather than by chapter number.

For those willing to read more, I will also refer to chapters in the optional reading "Linux Kernel Development" by R. Love (Third Edition) using the short LKDm for Chapter m.

For those of you interested in real-time and embedded aspects of computing, I recommend Real-Time Embedded Systems: Open-Source Operating Systems Perspective by Bertolotti and Manduchi, (available electronically through Lund University library). There you will find interesting details about freeRTOS.

The following preliminary schedule outlines the lectures contents. I will likely update the slides as we go through the lectures.

#DateContents (video, slides)BookCheck Also (Helper content)Advanced Reads
L1 23/3 Introduction to Operating Systems (and slides)OSC1OSC2LKD5
L225/3Programming in C: Pointers, Memory Organization,... (given by Jonas Skeppstedt) English slides, Swedish commentaryPointers in C (longer Pointers), Git Tutorial for Beginners, GDB TutorialWriting Efficient C Code
L330/3 OS Structures, Processes and Threads (and slides)OSC3OSC4Memory Layout and the Stack (and others from the same series)LKD3, LKD6
L41/4UNIX Shell Programming (or as Jupyter Notebook and same as pdf)

man(ual) pages, Bash Beginner's Guide, Shell Scripting

fun: Bash Notebooks in Jupyter
L56/4CPU Scheduling (slides). Synchronization (slides)OSC6OSC5

OSC7 Deadlocks, EDAF85, Concurrency in: Java C++ C Clojure Rust

L627/4Memory Management (slides)OSC8OSC9Linux SLAB SLOB SLUBLKD12, LKD15
L74/5                        ----- No Lecture (Conflict) -----
L86/5File Systems (slides)OSC10OSC11

OSC12 Mass-Storage Structure

L911/5I/O Systems (slides)OSC13LKD14
L1013/5Protection and Security (slides, slides)OSC14OSC15Java Security
L1118/5Ch 16: Virtual Machines (3rd party material) - Virtualization Basics (5min); What is Virtualization? (18min)Containers (5min)

OSC16   slides (not in Int'l edition)

1. implementation focus, key aspects (Harvard CS161)

2. good details and examples (TU Dresden)

L1225/5Q&A/Exam preparation