Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The slides that I show during the lectures will appear below as the course proceeds. 

The lectures are on Tuesdays, 8–10, MA:4, and Thursdays, 13–15, MA:3.

 Note that the lecture slides contain topics and suggested reading for the following lecture.

Date Subject Slides

Introduction: data types and functions

(L1 slides)
18/1 Introduction cont'd: pointers and user-defined types(L2 slides)
23/1Modularity(L3 slides)
25/1Classes(L4 slides)
30/1Resource management(L5 slides)
1/2 Standard algorithms, Iterators, Generic programming(L6 slides)

Function templates, Function objects, Class templates
Type deduction,  Type expressions, aliases and type traits

(L7 slides)
8/2Classes and inheritence(L8 slides)
13/2 More about classes and the standard library(L9 slides)

About concurrency and time in the standard library
(the demo code: ( )

(L10 slides)

Low level details and loose ends
(the demo code: (, )

(L11 slides)
22/2Recap and about the project 
(example code (
(L12 slides)
no lecture