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C++ Programming 2020



The course will start with a lecture on wednesday 22. January 2020 at 10.

Please note that according to the syllabus the course is given in swedish, but it is marked as "suitable for incoming exchange students". That means that the lectures will be given in swedish but all written material, including the lecture slides, will be in english.

If you cannot attend the first lecture but want to follow the course, please contact the course coordinator.

Facts about the course

Credits: 7,5 hp 

Study period: period 3 (and project in period 4) 2020

Prerequisites: EDAA01 Programming — Second Course 

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Course coordinator: Sven Gestegård Robertz

Literature: Lippman or Stroustrup.

Official syllabus: In English and in Swedish.

Course plan: Published here and handed out during first lecture.



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