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Applied Artificial Intelligence

This page is intended to contain new information related to the course. I assume you will be checking its contents, so no other means of reaching you will be implemented.

The most recent exam and some partial suggestions for its solutions.

(1.2) A pair-matching system for Assignment 1 has been created. You can reach it via THIS LINK. Mail me in case of problems. (JM)

(1.2) Assignment 1 is valid. (JM)

The lecture slides will be available on Material page (left menu).

Syllabus (please check the left menu) contains information about the details of the course, including the sequence of the lectures, programming assignments, reading suggestions, etc. Any updates there will be announced here on the news page.

The course will be given in English. As the textbook we will (still) be using the classic one: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (AIMA), 3/e, by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, ISBN-10: 0132071487 or 1292153962. If you find another version (with a different ISBN) check it against the original above; the link leads to the official AIMA page.

This year course will be given by Jacek Malec, Pierre Nugues, Elin Anna Topp and Stefan Larsson. Jacek Malec is the teacher officially responsible for the course (kursansvarig). The contact info can be found on each teacher's home page. The course administrator is Ulrika Templing.

Course facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAF70

Study period: VT1 2019

Schedule (Time Edit): here

Course responsible:
Jacek Malec

Student representatives:

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