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Programming Assignments 2019

The programming assignments will be graded according to the scale: U, G. Finished assignments should be emailed to tai snabela (ask a Swede for explanation), with the subject line
Assignment X by username1 and username2
where X is the assignment number and username is your login of the form similar to ja2345ma or ada07jam, on the computer system here. NOTE that spaces in the subject line are important! The message containing the required documents (usually a pdf report) should be sent at the latest at 23.59 on the date listed below. If you miss the latest hand-in date there will be an extra opportunity to hand in one delayed assignment in August, the day after the re-examination. However, this requires that two assignments have been approved during the term.

The assignments will be made available in connection with the lectures listed in the syllabus, with suitable deadlines a week or two later. Delayed assignments will not be evaluated unless it is August and you have only one such delayed submission.

No.AnnouncedDue dateTopicWho
11/2, L415/2SearchJM
38/2, L522/2 Probabilistic reasoning over timeEAT
215/2, L81/3Machine learningPN

Please do not consider the links above as final until the official announcement date. Thank you.


Programming assignments are expected to be solved in one or two, maximum tree days of hard work, by an average student. Do more if you feel it is challenging, interesting or simply fun, but do not overdo it and do not read more from a description than is actually there.