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Assignment 2: Probabilistic Reasoning over Time (HMMs)

Robot localisation with HMM based forward-filtering



This task is based on task 15.9 in the course book and on the explanations for matrix based forward filtering operations according to section 15.3.1 of the book, but you should adhere to the detailed instructions given below.

If you do not have access to this particular edition (Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3/e, by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, ISBN-10: 0132071487) and have difficulties in figuring out what to do without the book, please contact me (Elin) at Elin_Anna.Topp at before attempting to solve the task!



You are expected to work in pairs, which means a small group of two persons, nothing else. In case you have a very good reason to be working alone ("I was late in trying to find a partner" is NOT a good reason), you can contact me (Elin). 

Also, if you need advice, contact the responsible course assistant (Erik Gärtner) or myself (Elin).

In short

You are assumed to work with robot localisation based on forward filtering with a Hidden Markov Model, and you are supposed to write a brief report in "scientific article style" about your implementation and results. Please READ the complete detailed instructions, see below, BEFORE working on the task.


In detail


You'll find a zip-file containing a) the detailed instructions, b) another zip-file with a Java-based tool for visualisation of your transition model, your sensor model and your estimation, and c) some sort of user's guide for the Java tool HERE!

Feel free to use other programming languages (C++, Matlab, Python are ok as well) or tools, but if you choose Java, please make use of the visualisation - it presumably helps us a lot to understand your implementation!

Also, if you use another language, do that only if you are already familiar with it!

The deadline for this assignment is Friday, 22nd of February, by which you MUST file in your working solution to the assignment (i.e. testing of your implementation according to your guide of usage should be possible).

Important remark: Remember that the time frame allotted to this assignment is approximately three days of your work, so please don't overdo it: a decent program and report will suffice to get a pass. 

If you decide to base your solution on someone else's code (e.g., some library found on the web), please mention it both in the code and in your report: it is a matter of academic honesty. Lund University is committed to fighting every case of dishonesty or plagiarism.

The report should be sent to tai at as an attachment to a mail message with the following subject line: Assignment X by username1 and username2, where X is the number of the assignment this year, and username{1,2} are your user names in the student computer system, like dat14eto.