Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The exam is on 2020-10-27, Tuesday, 14:00-19:00. For 2020 this will be an on-line exam. The format is TBD.


The examination on this course is by means of a written exam.
To take the exam you need to have the five mandatory assignments approved.

The scope of the exam will be topics covered by lectures or assignments. However, the depth of knowledge required will be greater than the lecture and assignment handouts. You will need to read the text book. The relative importance of the different topics can be estimated by the amount of time we have spent on them in the course.

You may be allowed to use a calculator at the exam. If you are, the purpose of questions requiring numerical calculations is not detailed accuracy but to check that you can apply the relevant theory and know that given answers are reasonable.

Some old exams are here:

 Current exams will not look like the exams below, but they are kept here for reference.