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News 2019

  • After the last lab session on October 16, will be used for other duties and the accounts will be inaccessible. I will copy the data so you can get it if you need it but you will not be able to login to that machine.
  • Example exam questions --- you can find the answers in the lecture notes and the book.
  • Lab 6 is completed now.
  • Björn Wehlin will come to Lund (from Stockholm) to talk about exjobb opportunities at Silvaco. Gustav Kullberg who took multicore programming 2017 wrote an interesting MSc thesis under Björn's supervision. Time and place:Thursday October 31 at 14.00.00 - 15 in E:2116 -- ingen akademisk kvart.
  • Example on inner loop parallelization with a unimodular transformation and illustrating source code --- you don't need to know this for this course but i mentioned it on a lecture. From EDAN75.
  • POWER8 user manual.
  • Lab 2 on actors can be performed on your laptop (of course) or for which I have created accounts with the same passwords as for Please see updated lab 2 instructions.
  • A short introduction to UNIX terminals can be found here.
  • First lecture is on Monday September 2 at 13.15 in MA:3
  • You can sign up for lab groups here.
  • New this year is a POWER8 machine with 80 hardware threads (in 10 cores) from TYAN which is very fast and can have up 1 TB RAM.
  • There is office hours in E:2190 at 12.30 - 13.00 every weekday. Please use them and do not send me emails :)
  • You will write parallel programs in Java, Scala, C, C++, Clojure, and Rust (in this order).
  • Literature: Jonas Skeppstedt/Christian Söderberg: Writing Efficient C Code. See for example
  • Labs which will be modified but the basic structure is the same.
  • Power specification.
  • You are allowed to use any reasonable language you want for the competition. C is recommended.

Focus is on the following chapters:

  • Chapter 5, Multicores
  • Section 7.18 Multi-threaded Execution
  • Section 13.16 <stdatomic.h>
  • Section 13.25 <threads.h>
  • Chapter 17, Programming with Pthreads
  • Chapter 18, OpenMP

There is a competition in the course, and the winners so far have been:

  • 2017: Elias Henriksson and Linus Römer, Pi/Pi
  • 2015: Anton Klarén and Valdemar Roxling, D/D
  • 2014: Karl-Olof Hylen and Björn Linse, F/F
  • 2013: Anton Botvalde and Mats Lundkvist, D/D
  • 2012: Fredrik Karlsson and Daniel Pervan, D/D
  • 2011: Rasmus Barringer, PhD student at CS Dept.



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