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  • Welcome to this course in September 2019!
  • You will write parallel programs in Java, Closure, Scala, C, C++ and Rust 
  • Literature: Jonas Skeppstedt/Christian Söderberg: Writing Efficient C Code. See for example
  • Labs which will be modified but the basic structure is the same.
  • Power specification.

News 2019

  • You are allowed to use any reasonable language you want for the competition. C is recommended.

Focus is on the following chapters:

  • Chapter 5, Multicores
  • Section 7.18 Multi-threaded Execution
  • Section 13.16 <stdatomic.h>
  • Section 13.25 <threads.h>
  • Chapter 17, Programming with Pthreads
  • Chapter 18, OpenMP

There is a competition in the course, and the winners so far have been:

  • 2017: Elias Henriksson and Linus Römer, Pi/Pi
  • 2015: Anton Klarén and Valdemar Roxling, D/D
  • 2014: Karl-Olof Hylen and Björn Linse, F/F
  • 2013: Anton Botvalde and Mats Lundkvist, D/D
  • 2012: Fredrik Karlsson and Daniel Pervan, D/D
  • 2011: Rasmus Barringer, PhD student at CS Dept.



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