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Reading Advice

Reading advice for Multicore Programming

The course is defined by the slides. Some slides contain details which I certainly not will ask on the exam, e.g. on the automatic parallelization of sequential code by optimizing compilers. Principles are more important.

Below are advice on what is important to achieve a certain grade, i.e. if you wish to pass you should study at least those pages marked as 3.

3 = everybody should know this

4 = more advanced

5 = even more advanced

S = skip, e.g. due to it's covered by another course

The basic idea for what to prioritize is to understand principles and not details. 


For the most recent edition printed at Amazon since 2016, the reading advice is here.


167-177     181-192        3        but not "Write atomicity in update protocols"
1771925Write atomicity in write update protocols
1852005But skip the numbers -- only trends.
185-188200-20355.6.2 but not likely I will ask about details...
188-189203-20445.6.3 principles only
189-196204-2124skip 5.8
280-290300-31057.17 -- 7.18




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