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This course has 5 assignments over 5 weeks. Over the five weeks you will write the code to create a ray tracer. Starting with a framework of support code students add code to complete the features of a ray tracer.
All assignments will require programming in C++. You will be required to show the results of the assignment and your code and explain it at a lab time each week.

Labs are in E:Uranus, Friday 10-12. Sign up for a lab time here.
The Lab dates are March 28, April 4, 11, May 9

C++ Framework source code (Win/Mac) (1.2MB) 2012 version. 


  1. Whitted ray tracing               Seminar slides
  2. Bounding Volume Hierarchy  Seminar slides
  3. Path tracing                          Seminar slides
  4. Progressive Photon Mapping  Seminar slides
  5. Elective

For Path Tracing assignment 3

For Assignment 4 : Progressive Photon Mapping

Additional Objects

Additional meshes for more interesting objects can be downloaded from here (optional). Note that the larger objects may take quite some time to load and proce