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For the 3D graphics project, you can use the framework from Assignment 2.
The final mark for the project is worth 30% of the final grade for the course. The other 70% is the final exam. The final mark is the MAX of exam and project and exam combined. i.e. MAX(exam, ((Project/10)×0.3 + (Exam/6)×0.7) ×6 ).

Guidelines and code

  • LaTeX files for the written report (the guidelines were created using these LaTeX files, and it is recommended that you use these files for your report). You can try TexMaker for working with LaTeX.
  • The assignment should be completed in pairs (two people).
  • Optional : Make a video of your project. For example using OBS Studio.


  • The project source code is due at 13:00, the day before the presentation, 2017-12-14.
  • Email your project (or a cloud link to it) to Michael Doggett (mike at
  • Everyone should send a report and source code. The report can also be handed in 1 day after the competition.

3D Graphics project suggestions

Non-compulsory competition
If you want to you can enter a non-compulsory (and friendly) competition. For more information, see the Guidelines above. All students work will be presented at the competition. You will be asked to present your work in front of the class, but this is not compulsory. If you do not want your work shown in the competition, let the lecturer know.

3D Models