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EDAF40/EDAN40 Lecture Material

The material below is tentative and may change without notice. It gets updated a couple of hours before the actual lecture takes place, so links to past lectures should be this year's while future ones are last year's. In particular, the lecture notes will be updated and the topics may be reorganised.

Week Lectures Deadlines
1 25/3
L1: Introduction, code
L2: Language overview
2 1/4
L3: The standard prelude, code
L4: Modules: Simple JSON
3 8/4
L5: Types, type classes, data structures, code, L5: Presentation of assignment 1,
L6: Functors, Monads, code
4 15/4
L7: Evaluation, Memoisation
L8: Presentation of assignments F2 and N2, FibMemoized.hs, MCS.hs.
assignments F1 and N1
due 17/4
5 6/5
L9: Parallel Computations, Concurrency
L10: Monadic computations, parsing, song.c, obfuscated.hs
6 13/5
XL1: Reasoning about programs
XL2: A bit of theory (categories, λ-calculus)
assignment N2
due 13/5
7 20/5
XL4: L11: Functional Languages, Concluding QandA session
assignments F2 and N3
due 20/5
  28/5 Written exam