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EDAN95 - Applied Machine Learning

Welcome on the website for EDAN95, Applied Machine Learning. 

News and information will be placed here in reversed chronological order, i.e., new items on top. 


2020-01-10: There was a mishap in the schedule planning of exams leading to an extra (re-take) exam being scheduled on April 18, which we decided to leave in the schedule. Thus, there is a second chance to take the exam, even if you hand in a "late report" according to the information from 2019-12-18 below.

2019-12-18: If you want to write the exam on January 16 (and actually have it graded), make sure to have all reports submitted according to the rule of thumb of “one week after you passed the corresponding lab assignment”, in this case specifically BY JANUARY 15, which is approximately one week after the extra lab sessions. It is possible to submit a report prior to being passed for the implementation! If you simply want to pass the course, you may submit ONE delayed report by January 24, to have it checked within this course instance, independently of when you passed the programming assignment. Should there be any timing issues, in particular for exchange students, regarding the extra lab sessions in January (Jan 8 and 9), please do not hesitate to contact me (Elin). 

2019-12-10Extra lab sessions to present piled up incomplete solutions to any of the programming assignments are scheduled for Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9, from 1:00pm to 3:00 pm (13-15) in E:Alfa. Please note: These sessions are not regular sessions, to be entitled to attend you need to have been active in the prior sessions as a clear indication that you only need to complete previously started work. Should you not be able to attend lab session 7, you need thus to be able to produce a verifiable excuse (doctor's appointment, flight / train ticket booked before you knew you could participate in the course) if asked to do so, to be able to present lab assignment 7 in the extra session.

2019-11-14: General instructions for how to submit the reports in connection with lab assignments 3, 4, 6, and 7 are now to be found on the Lab (programming) assignments page.

2019-11-12: The waiting list is closed. As of 2019-11-11, 9:00am, the course is filled to this year's maximum capacity of 112 places (limitation due to nominal capacity of the lab rooms and number of assistants available to offer lab sessions). After overall 72 drop-outs from the original sign-up list at various points in time, credit cut-off for this year landed at 145hp, with 26 eligible students, both from programs listing the course and other programs unfortunately not getting a place. Please do not consider this as any reliable indicator for future editions of the course!

2019-11-08: Lab 2 instructions are available on the respective page. Let me know if there are issues with the handout-code, links, or the like. 

2019-11-04: Optional tutorial session for an introduction to Python: Wednesday, Nov 6, 10-12 OR 15-17 (you choose one of the times, it is the same session duplicated) in E:2116.

2019-11-04: Sign-up for the lab sessions can be handled at THIS link!

2019-11-02Sign-up for the laboratory sessions will open on Monday, shortly before, during or shortly after the first lecture and close on Wednesday at 11:00am and you will need to sign up, simply because we have to fill the sessions to the maximum capacity. There will be a “flexible” slot for those who are flexible, to give way for those having constraints. "Flexible" sign-ups will be assigned a time slot by Wednesday, 3pm (after the second lecture). Also: Do not forget to register for the course, preferably prior to the first lecture on Monday. 

2019-10-23: For those of you who wonder whether they can get into EDAN95, the answer is that if you have not yet gotten any e-mail, you are on the waiting list. As my experience from last year showed that there is some movement during the last couple weeks before course start due to prospective students withdrawing, I have not yet sent a definitive "no" to anyone and I will offer and fill places as soon as I have them available. At the moment, the cut-off is somewhere between 190 and 195 hp. If you are close to that and really interested, you might want to prepare for being in stand-by-mode until the first lab session, otherwise you should be prepared for not getting into this course this year (note also, that 5 hp in "distance" can still mean that there are 15 other students before you). 

2019-09-25: Judging from the number of students who have registered preliminarily to the course, we will most likely need to make use of the ranking rules for admission, i.e., there will be a waiting list and most likely students who cannot get in even this year. The limitation for places is mainly due to a limited number of lab sessions (and seats in these) that we can offer, so the limit is quite firm. This means also, that the chances to get in for you who registered through a program that does not formally list the course are slim as you will be in the tail of the waiting list. As soon as the preliminary registration period terminates, we'll know more! 

2019-09-16: LADOK is open for tentative registration (anmälan) to the course. Note that prospective participants will be evaluated against two criteria before being admitted: You need to have passed the two basic courses in programming techniques or something directly corresponding and you will then be ranked according to the number of credits you have been granted within the program you are applying through. For exchange students there is a slightly different procedure, you have been evaluated and approved already, as we are applying some quota for you on top of the officially posted number of places in the course.

To avoid surprises and unnecessary work load for you or me shortly before the course starts in November, please check the official course plan for the criteria against your prerequisites. THANKS!

Course Facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAN95

Study period: HT2 2019

Schedule (Time Edit): here

Course responsible:
Elin Anna Topp

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