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EDAN95 - Applied Machine Learning

Welcome on the website for EDAN95, Applied Machine Learning. 

News and information will be placed here in reversed chronological order, i.e., new items on top.

2018-12-22: An example exam is available on the Lectures and Material page, under the links to the lecture slides, or right HERE.

2018-12-20: Extra lab session (uppsamlingslabb) -- we will offer extra lab sessions on January 9 (Wednesday after the exam), 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 in E:Beta for those of you who did not manage to finish all assignments this week. Please note that you need to be present in lab session 7 (Dec 20/21) (or excuse yourself with a good reason) to be entitled to make use of the extra session in January!

2018-12-06: Do not forget that the deadline for application for extra time etc for the exam is December 20 (!) this year. Contact me, if you are in need of this kind of support.

2018-12-05: The contact information for the TAs is now available on the "Lab Sessions" page. Apologies for missing out on that before.

2018-12-04: The exam will be a closed-book exam. If deemed necessary, we will most likely include important hints, e.g. complex formulae or specific methods, in the exam text - but in that case we assume that you know what to apply where and how, i.e. items might be simply listed and displayed out of context.

2018-11-12: Due to an AI/ML event (see for more information on that) on November 22 we will have to reschedule the Thursday lab sessions for that week as follows: the

  • Thursday session in Alfa will be moved to Friday, November 23, 1pm to 3pm in Beta; the
  • Thursday session in Beta will be moved to Thursday, November 22, 3pm to 5pm in Beta.

Our apologies for any problems that might cause. If you really cannot make it, let us know, and if you prefer Friday before the later time on Thursday, there might be some fellow students who would be happy to trade, so let us know also in that case! In all other cases, we appreciate if you could stick to the session you are normally in and move with us, THANKS!

2018-11-05: Sign up for labs here!

2018-11-01: Sign-up for the laboratory sessions will open on Monday, shortly before, during or shortly after the first lecture and close on Wednesday at 11:00am and you will need to sign up, simply because we have to fill the sessions to the maximum capacity. There will be a “flexible” slot for those who are flexible, to give way for those having constraints. "Flexible" sign-ups will be assigned a time slot by Wednesday, 3pm (after the second lecture).

2018-10-31: Registration is open! Do not forget to register prior to the course start next Monday, mainly to give us a better overview and less administration work. If you cannot register but have the impression you should be able to, contact the course responsible to see if it is possible to solve the issue.

2018-10-09: Reg. admission to the course in general: We are now compiling the list of students that can be admitted to the course. While this will take some more time to be completed, we can let you know the following:

Reg. admission from other study programs than those that list the course: Due to the overwhelming number of applications from students fulfilling the prerequisites and registered in programs which have the course listed as elective course, we will not be able to accommodate students from programs which do not list the course. This has been discussed with the program board responsible for the course.

Reg. admission from a study program that lists the course: The credit cut-off is not quite settled, but there are indications that it will be somewhere in the area of 80 credits or less, i.e., if you know that you have more than approx 80 credits (hp) to fulfil for the final degree within the program you registered through, you will most likely not be admitted directly this year. Please note: This does not mean that having less than 80 credits to go gets you in, this is a first estimate to give indications for those who might want to find alternatives. If you know you are close to that number, stay tuned, there will be adjustments in some direction.

The ordering for admission to the course is based on the difference between the number of credits to be achieved for the degree (in most cases 300) and the number you have achieved so far. We computed this number from your overview in LADOK as of 2018-10-02, credits that were granted from elsewhere count into the achieved number if listed within the program. Also, credits from partly fulfilled courses have been counted in.

Reg. a waiting list: we will treat those who are close to the final cut-off as enrolled in a waiting list, from which we will fill places in case of early drop-outs or no-shows. If you already know that you changed your mind, let us know as soon as possible to make room for the next one on this (as of yet virtual) list. 

2018-10-03: The course has roughly three times as many applicants as we can accommodate, hence there is no point in contacting us (the application deadline ran out Oct 2) to get on the list. We will during the following days sift through the list of applicants and see, who qualifies for the course.  

Thanks for your patience!

Course Facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAN95

Study period: HT2 2018

Schedule (Time Edit): here

Course responsible:
Elin Anna Topp

Student representatives:

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