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Artificial Intelligence - EDAP01 / TFRP20

17.8.2020: NEW! The reexam on August 27th will be done remotely, using Canvas. More info to come by email to those registered.

29.4.2020: We are done with checking the exam and correcting the labs. The results should show up in Ladok soon.

20.4.2020: Apparently the system worked differently than I described below: everyone registered to the original exam (should have) received info that the exam had been rescheduled to 20.4.2020 and that the registration deadline was set to 6.4.2020. It apparently worked for most of you, even though a couple of students missed the registration deadline. I am sorry for that. Unfortunately, this time we could not allow exceptions and admit late registration.

17.3.2020: IMPORTANT! Due to corona virus problems the university has decided to postpone all the exams beginning tomorrow, Wednesday March 18th. This means that EDAP01 exam on Friday March 20th is CANCELLED. There will be an opportunity to take the exam in August, unless the situation improves very fast and an additional exam is set up in June. However, this decision will be taken not earlier than April 15th. Apologies. JM

19.2.2020: changes in Assignment 1 due to Jacek's problem with the server. The text is updated to reflect that. JM

9.2.2020: a couple of test programs is available on the student system, see server page. JM

6.2.2020: Lectures 6 and 7 change place. JM

6.2.2020: API has finally made it to the server page. Sorry for the delay. JM

31.1.2020: I have decided to postpone the deadline for the first assignment until the end of February. The rationale is that otherwise there would be overlap between assignments 1 and 2, forcing you to work in parallel on both. In this new framework you may spend one week preparing A1, then two weeks on A2 (if needed) and then back on A1, until A3 is announced by 28/2. This will also give me more chances to verify the functionality of the game server. JM

22.01.2020: The slides from the first lecture are available now on the syllabus page. JM

The advanced course EDAP01, Artificial Intelligence (2020 VT1), is a successor of an earlier course EDAF70, Applied Artificial Intelligence (given last time 2019 VT1). In case of questions, please contact the course responsible teacher: Jacek Malec.


Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAP01 / TFRP20

Study period: VT1 2020

Schedule (Time Edit): here

Course responsible:
Jacek Malec

Student representatives:
Christian Bilevits, C, ch8466bi-s
Annie Tallund, D, an0284ta-s
Femke Felician, MAT, fe1566fe-s

Formal course description from KA: Swedish or English.