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EDAF55/EDA040 (old course)

This course is not given anymore

EDAF55 was given the last time in fall 2018, and the last exam was given in August 2019. EDA040 was given the last time in fall 2016.

The new course EDAP10 (7.5 hp, advanced level) replaces EDAF55, but is based on a different course plan.

  • If you have completed parts of EDAF55/EDA040, temporary transition rules apply, as shown below.
  • If you have completed all of EDAF55/EDA040, you cannot take EDAP10 instead. The courses overlap to significant extent.

Temporary transition rules (as of fall 2019)

If you have passed the EDAF55/EDA040 exam

If you have passed the exam for EDAF55/EDA040, and you have completed at least some of the labs and/or the project, you can fulfil EDAF55/EDA040 (6hp) by completing some of the labs in EDAP10, as follows:

If you're lacking...... you need to complete
(from EDAF55/EDA040)(in EDAP10, fall 2019)
Lab 1 (alarm clock)Lab 1 (alarm clock)
Lab 2 (lift)Lab 3 (lift)
Lab 3 (washing machine)Lab 5 (washing machine)
ProjectLab 2 (widget factory) AND
Lab 4 (cracking the code)

You can also choose to take EDAP10 instead – see below.

If you have not passed the EDAF55/EDA040 exam

If you have not passed the exam for EDAF55/EDA040, you are welcome to the new course EDAP10 instead. We will count your existing results (from EDAF55/EDA040) towards some of the EDAP10 labs. During the first course week, you will receive an e-mail indicating which ones.

Note: since the courses are different, only some of your work will count towards EDAP10. Not all work in EDAF55/EDA040 is relevant to EDAP10. Moreover, EDAP10 contains new material that wasn't in EDA040/EDAF55.