Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH


Courses 2019-2020

CourseCourse codeHpHT1HT2VT1VT2note
Advanced project in Computer Science EDAN70 7.5 x x 1
Algorithm Implementation EDAF15 5 x
Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity EDAF05 5 x
Artificial Intelligence EDAP01 7.5 x    
Applied Machine Learning EDAN95 7.5 x    
Basics of Functional Programming EDAF95 5 x  
C Programming EDAA25 3 x  
C++ Programming EDA0F50 7.5 xx
Coaching of Programming Teams EDAN80 9 xx
Compilers EDAN65 7.5 x  
Computer Graphics EDAF80 7.5 x
Computer Introduction EDAA60 3 x
Computer Programming in Java - HBG EDAA10 7.5 x x
Concurrent Programming EDAP10 7.5 x
Configuration Management EDAN10 7.5 x
Concepts of Programming Languages EDAP10 7.5 x
Constraint Programmering EDAN01 7.5 x
Database Thechnology EDAF75 7.5 x x
Database Thechnology - HBG EDAF20 7.5 x x
Design of Embedded Systems EDAN15 7.5 x
Discrete structures in computer science EDAA40 5 x
Evaluation of software systems EDAA35 7 x x
Functional Programming EDAN40 7.5 x 
Introduction to Programming (D) EDAA457.5 xx
Language Technology EDAN20 7.5 x 
Multicore programming EDAN26 7.5 x
Object-oriented Modelling and Design EDAF60 4.5 x
Object-oriented Modelling and Design - HBG EDAF25 7.5 x x
Operating Systems EDAF35 7.5 x
Programming, First Course (N, BME) EDAA50 7.5 xx
Programming, First Course (F) EDAA55 9 xx
Programming, First Course (C, E, I, Pi) EDAA55 9 xx
Programming, First Course (M, W, B, K) EDAA65 6   x x x
Programming - Second Course (BME, C, E, F, N, W) EDAA01 7.5 xx
Programming - Second Course (D, I, L, M, Pi) EDAA01 7.5 x
Programming and Databases (L, TM) EDAA20 7.5 x  
Programming in C++ - HBG EDAF30 7.5 x
Programming in Java - second course - HBG EDAA30 7.5 x x
Project in Computer Science EDAN70 7.5 x x 1
Real-Time Systems - HBG EDAF85 7.5 x x
Requirements Engineering ETSN15 7.5 x 
Requirements Engineering - HBG ETSF30 7.5 x x
Software Development for Large Projects - HBG ETSF20 7.5 x x
Software Development for Large Systems ETSN05 7.5 x  
Software Development in Teams – Project EDAF45 7.5 xx
Software Engineering - Methodology ETSA02 6 x
Software Testing ETSN20 7.5 x
The Business of Software ETSF25 7.5 x  
Web Programming EDAF95 7.5 x


  1. 1. Project in Computer Science (EDAN70) and Advanced project in Computer Science (EDAN90) are given twice during the academic year - during the autumn (study period HT2) and during the spring (study period VT2).
  2. 2. High-Performance Computer Graphics (EDAN35) is cancelled 2019/20 and will be given 2020/21 the next time.