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Elizabeth Bjarnason

I work as an associate senior lecturer in the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) at the Department of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden. My research is currently done within the Industrial Excellence Centre for Embedded Applications Software Engineering (EASE), in particular within Theme E - Decision Support for Testing (previously: Theme D – Aligning Requirements and Verification Project D.1) I am currently also part of a cross-disciplinary project - named Digiwork - considering the implications of digitalisation on work.

My main research interests are requirements communication, alignment of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Testing, agile and integrated RE. In addition, as part of my aim to support software process improvement, I have designed two improvement methods: Evidence-Based Timeline Retrospectives (EBTR) and Gap Finder.

I primarily use qualitative empirical research methods (interviews, observations, document studies etc.) in close collaboration with industry. I am also interested in theory generation through structured analysis of empirical data.

I am one of co-initiators of the International workshop series on RE and Testing (RET14, RET15, RET16). 


The major part of my career has been spent as a software engineer at Sony Mobile Communication in Lund (previously Ericsson Mobile and Sony Ericsson Mobile). Through my 15 years at Sony I have worked in several roles, namely developer, project manager, requirements engineer, process engineer and internal trainer. In 2010 I went back to academia to “do some research” which resulted in my PhD thesis on Integrated RE in Nov 2013, and now I continue with research and teaching within software engineering at Lund University.


I teach the following courses:

  • Software Project Management incl Process & Quality Management (ETSF01 Software Engineering Process – Economy and Quality)
  • Requirements Engineering (ETS170)
  • Software Testing (ETS200)

I also supervise MSc students within software engineering, in particular with connections to requirements communication, agile development, softer aspects of software development. Contact me to discuss potential MSc projects.

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