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Emelie Engström

Research interests

My research area is software engineering with a focus on decision support for software testing.  Currently I'm involved in studies on DevOps and the monitoring and tesing in the CI/CD pipeline and the testing of autonomous systems.  

Most of my research is carried out in close collaboration with industry and I have a special interest in the interface between industry and academia. Thus, I am also involved in research on how to bridge the communication gap between research and practice in software engineering and on how to build and validate knowledge within the design science paradigm. 

Research projects and programs



EDAF25 - Object-oriented Modelling and Design (Coordinator)

ETSF20 - Software Development for Large Projects

ETSN20 - Software Testing


EDAA30 - Programming in Java - Second Course

ETSA01 - Software Engineering Process - Methodology 

ETSN05 - Software Development for Large Systems

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+46 46 222 88 99

+46 46 13 10 21

Visiting address
Ole Römers väg 3
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Postal address
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund


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