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Assignment 1: Simple Game

In this assignment you will write a simple game using a Scene Graph.

The Scene Graph is written in C++ and will run on the Windows platform. 

Downloads :

You need to show your solution for assignment 1 on 2009-11-11 in E:Pluto.

The assignment should be completed in pairs (two people). You can sign up for the labs here.

Please post any issues you have to the discussion forum. You can also send an email if you don't get a response on the forum.


You can get the Express Edition of Microsoft Visual C++ for free.

If you want to run the code on linux or mac, this should be possible, but it has not been tested. The framework uses the PowerVR GLES2.0 SDK, SDL and SDL_image. If you get this to work please let others know by posting your experience on the forum.

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