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EDAN40 Programming Environment

For all programming exercises and assignments you will use GHCi, the interpreter part of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler system. You may need to access the user manual.

You can install GHC and GHCi on your own computer from here (pointer to the exact version we use, 7.4.1). Test your installation by creating a new file Test.hs containing the code

module Main where

main = putStrLn "Hello, world!"

Load the file and type main at the GHCi prompt. You should get the response "Hello, world!".

To use GHCi on the Linux student systems just type ghci at the prompt. You should get version 7.4.1 of ghc.

Editing Haskell files can be done by any text editor. For those favouring Emacs there is a haskell-mode which automatically handles indentation and syntax colouring. There is also a haskell mode definition for the Vim editor.

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