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Robotics and Semantic Systems

Robots, and automation systems, are user-programmable equipment and mechatronic devices. Robotics and Automation involves designing and implementing intelligent machines which can do work too dirty, too dangerous, too precise or too tedious for humans (see

Semantics is the study of meaning, and within computer science that is closely related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We also apply semantic techniques in robotics and automation, to facilitate high-level interfacing and to better support human-robot interaction. Combining semantic technologies with industrial automation is one of our research topics, thus aiming at semantic systems.

That wide spectrum of topics, ranging from mechatronics and control software to the semantic web technologies and natural language dialogs, forms the field of Robotics and Semantic Systems (RSS). We specialize on some key specific topics, creating a unique research profile by an emphasis on applicability and system aspect.

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