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Software Testing

Update log

2019-02-20 If you wrote the exam Jan 16, you are welcome to review your exam correction, Tuesday Februari 26, 12.00-12.30 in E:2405, Glasburen. Solutions sketches can be found here.

2019-02-06 All passed projects are marked G in Ladok, due to the way it is set up. For projects with VG, 5 extra points will e added to your exam results towards higher degree. Sorry for the confusion.

2018-12-21 Great job all presenters today! You will get feedback on your reports Jan 9. Merry Christmas!

2018-12-17 Reports to be reviewed are now available on the Project Conference pages. 

2018-11-28 If you have special needs for the exam, like prolonged writing time or writing aids, please let me know as soon as possible and no later than December 14.

2018-11-26 Don't forget too book meeting with your project supervisor, if you want to get more feedback.

2018-11-26 The lecture today (in M:E) will conclude the software reliability part and continue with software life-cycles.

2018-11-12 Project groups are now formed and assigned to supervisors.

2018-11-12 Guest lecturer December 17, 10-11: Daniel Hansson Verifyter

2018-11-09 Corrected link: If you want to get in touch with somebody else about shaping of the project groups, you may post a note at this Google Docs billboard.

2018-11-07 Slides for tomorrow's lecture available on the website. The lecture is 8.15-10 in E:1406.

2018-11-06 Beller's et al paper on "Modern code reviews..." can be found here.

2018-11-06 Link to project description is now corrected

2018-11-05 Guest lecturer December 17, 11-12: Baldvin Gislason Bern on testing at Axis Communications.

2018-10-30 Please register for the course in Ladok before start of the course. 

2018-10-30 Lecture time Thursday Nov 8 changed to 8-10 to allow you to reduce schedule conflicts.

2018-10-24 Welcome to begin the course Nov 5, 10-12 in M:E (Note! M-huset). You need to attend the first lecture to be sure to keep your seat (or email the course leader before the course starts).

You should formally register in the LADOK system, preferrably before the course starts. Instructions: in Swedishin English. If you fail to register, the department might register you anyway, if you attended the first lecture.

Course facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Study period: HT2 2018

Schedule: Click here

Prerequisites: See course description

Course responsible: Per Runeson

Student representative: 

Mats Hallström, I15

Course program: Click here

Formal course description from KA: Click here!


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URKUND: see here.