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Software Testing

Update log

2018-0-26 All exams finally reported in Ladok. You may see the corrected exams Wednesday May 2, 12.00-12,25 in E:2405

2018-03-10 Exam solutions of 2011-03-10 and 2013-03-14 are now updated with corrections. Thanks Sebastian for spotting them!

2018-02-26 Project reports to review are now available via Project Conference.

2018-02-15 If you have the right to extended duration of exams, please email me NO LATER than Feb 27.

2018-02-13 Lecture slides 6 updated. Additional tools link:

2018-02-09 Lecture slides 5 and 6 now online. Sorry for the delay.

2018-02-07 You don't have to send the code files from the lab through Urkund, only the report.

2018-01-29 There may be a problem with ACM articles in Lubsearch, If you don't find an article using the general search interface, you may have to specifically choose databases, then choose ACM digital library, and search for the article in ACM:s search interface. 

2018-01-29 Sorry for confusing you with my e-mail. The deadline for the outline is tomorrow, Jan 30, at the end of the day. 

2018-01-25 Guest lecture by Conor White from IKEA IT Feb 27, 8.15-9.00

2018-01-19 Guest lecture from Axis Communications Feb 20, 9.15-10.00

2018-01-17 Lecture slides are uploaded for tomorrow's lecture. Normally they will be so the evening before the lecture.

2018-01-16 Course representatives appointed: C: Sara Lindgren and D: Sebastian Karabeleski

2018-01-16 Course program corrected - time for Thursday morning lab is 10-12.

2018-01-16 Testing practice: some broken links of the website fixed. If there are links including the old course code (ETS200) just switch to the new one (ETSN20) AND e-mail me

2018-01-15 Correction: Welcome to begin the course Jan 16, 08-10 in MA:5. Presence or notification at first lecture is mandatory to attend the course.

2017-12-14 Welcome to begin the course Jan 16, 15-17 in MA:5. Presence or notification at first lecture is mandatory to attend the course.

Course facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Study period: VT1 2017

Schedule: Click here

Prerequisites: See course description

Course responsible: Per Runeson

Student representatives: 

C: Sara Lindgren

D: Sebastian Karabeleski

Course program: Click here

Formal course description from KA: Click here!