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Examensarbetepartner söks, 2017-12-06

NAMNWeena Lee
PROGRAMIndustrial Design
KUNSKAPERIndustrial Desing, Interaction Design, UX Design
PLANERAD_STARTDecember 13, 2017

I'm Weena Lee from Master 2nd year of Industrial Design at IKDC.I'm happy to get in touch with you. I'm writing this email because I’m looking for a computer science Master student as a partner to form a group with me for a Master Thesis with Axis Communications. Is it possible for you to forward my email to Master student who's ready for a Thesis project? I'll be doing my Master thesis for the next semester starting from January 2018. Here is a little bit about myself ( I’ve got a contact from Axis Communication, that they are looking for two students to do a new interaction software for their camera.​ Here is the brief,​


MASTER THESIS SPRING 2018 at Axis Communications R&D department: The future is all about solutions and managing everything with few pieces of software. At Axis, we see the need of a surveillance system that can be interacted with in a much easier way than the one we have today. Especially as the growing portfolio now encompasses other products than traditional video surveillance. These products have to be visualized in the surveillance system overview as much as the IP cameras we have today. We want you to evaluate the current competition and develop a prototype of the next generation management solution. Design the solution with the future needs in mind and incorporate modern interaction techniques. Category: Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Usability and Interaction Design


I’m looking forward to work together! Please contact me (email or phone) if you’re interested before Friday (8th December) Let’s have a talk as soon as possible. Because we expect to start from January 2018 ​ and get it settle down before 13th December. Thank you very much!