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Doktorandkurser (PhD courses)

Always check with your supervisor before starting a PhD course. It is your supervisor that decides if the course fits in your individual program, if it is at a suitable level, and how many credits it is worth. (Supervisors, coordinate with Kris if in doubt.)

Officially listed courses given by the department (typically only given if sufficient demand):

Incomplete list of other courses given at the department (might be given again if sufficient demand):

  • History of Programming Languages (2015)
  • Middleware (2013)
  • Type Systems (2012)
  • Scala course (2012)
  • Pervasive Systems, (2011/2012)
  • Reference Attribute Grammars (2011)
  • Advanced Software Patterns (2010)

Department master-level courses sometimes taken at the PhD level. (Instructions for how to register.)

Reading courses

  • Get help from your supervisor to design a reading course.
  • Typically based on a reading list, analyzing the papers, presenting/writing summaries. Sometimes also solving exercises.
  • Can be done in a group, presenting papers to each other. And/or creating exercises, and solving and correcting each other's exercises.

Courses of interest that are given outside the department