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Lectures from 2019 will be updated week-by.week during the 2020 instance.

Check the irregular schedule and strange lecture rooms in TimeEdit!

  • Week 1:
    • Tue: Introduction, Context (Björn Regnell) [Download PDF]
    • Wed: Mission lottery (Johan Linåker), Elicitation, Prioritization (Björn Regnell) [Download PDF]
  • Week 2:
    • Tue+Wed: Specification of functionality and data (Björn Regnell) [Download PDF]
    • reqT Tutorial (Björn Regnell) [Download PDF]
  • Week 3: NOTE Wednesday 15-17, 4h lecture, including guest lectures
    • Prototyping, Guest: Hampus Jakobson "Requirements done right!" [Download PDF],
    • Product Management. Open Source RE (Johan Linåker) [Download PDF]
    • Release planning and preparations for lab 2 (Björn Regnell) [Download PDF]
  • Week 4: NOTE Wednesday 13-15
  • Week 5: NOTE Wednesday 15-17
    • Validation, Inspections, Agile RE (Elizabeth Bjarnason) [Download PDF]
  • Week 6:
    • No lectures.
  • Week 7:

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