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  • The description of the course project with mandatory deliverables and grading criteria is available here:
  • The project missions for this and previous years are available below.
  • See lectures for further instructions on supervision and how to deliver your results.
  • In the last week of the course you should attend the mandatory oral project examination.

Projects 2020

Project missions v 1 (from startups) published here

Projects for 2019

Project missions v1 (from start-up companies) - here

 Project groups are found here

AgvitalA5Daniel Helgesson
Bob Hunds GårdsbutikB1Johan Linåker
HeroSight ABA3Daniel Helgesson
MyWorldA1Daniel Helgesson
FLOWA4Elizabeth Bjarnason
StorvixB5Elizabeth Bjarnason
OpenHack - Coding for humanityB4Daniel Helgesson
BookboostA2Elizabeth Bjarnason
ConnectifyB2Johan Linåker
ApParkingspotB3Johan Linåker

Projects for 2017

Project Mission v1 (from start-up companies) - here

Projects for 2016

Assignment of project missions between the groups is shown here

PM v1 for all groups are here

Project supervisor for groups A and D: Daniel Helgesson

Project supervisor for groups B, C and E: Alma Orucevic Alagic 

Main responsible for project supervision: Johan Linåker

Projects 2015

PM version 1 all, pls see general feedback

Conference presentations for all groups

Project supervisor of groups: D, F, H, I  -> Elizabeth Bjarnason

Project supervisor of groups: A, B, C, E, G-> Johan Linåker

Project ecosystem.pdf

Projects 2013


Project conference presentations: A B C D E F G H I

Project supervisor of groups: A,B,C,D,E  -> Elizabeth Bjarnason

Project supervisor of groups: F,G,H,I -> Jesper Pedersen Notander

Project Missions 2012

Customer group: Project Mission -> Contractor group <- Supervisor of contractor group

A: TraderaMera  -> G <- Jesper 

B: Journal system -> E <- Jesper

C: Hens & Maurits Pocket Wardrobe -> F <- Jesper

D: Foorder  -> C <- Elizabeth

E: Order Matcher  -> H <- Elizabeth

F: Yoodo 3.0 -> B <- Elizabeth

G: Hits4Kidz (musikrekommenderare) -> A <- Jesper 

H: Elektroniskt röstningssystem -> D <- Elizabeth

I: SocialRoomBooking -> I <- Elizabeth

Project Missions 2010

Project Missions ETS170 2009 Vt1

Project Missions ETS170 2008

Project Missions ETS170 2006 Vt1

PM-A Titel "MAgnetic Generic Intelligent Card (MAGIC)" Kund: Grupp A, Utförare: Grupp D
Titel "Mobile Poker" Kund: Grupp B, Utförare: Grupp A
Titel "" Kund: Grupp C, Utförare: Grupp B
Titel "FitnessFriend" Kund: Grupp D, Utförare: Grupp E
Titel "Arbetssamordnare inom vården" Kund: Grupp E, Utförare: Grupp C