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Lab groups

Please enroll for the labs for Spring 2014

Labs take two hours, and you’re expected to work in pairs.

As soon as the database is up to date, you’ll find information about groups, computer rooms and lab supervisors on the page Laborationsgrupper.


The labs are programming exercises that relate to the material covered in lectures, typically in the week before. Very few of you will be able to complete these exercises during a 2 hour lab session, so it is expected that you show up to the labs well-prepared, presumably with a good part of the code already written. If you attended the whole lab session in the beginning of a week, but weren't able to finish on time, you can use the start of the next lab session to get it checked.


NameRelates to what?Lab session 2014
1. Stable marriageIntroduction26–28 Mar
2. Word laddersGraphs2–4 Apr
3. Spanning USAGreedy algorithms9–11 Apr
4. Closest pairDivide and conquer7–9 May
5. Me: Gorilla or sea cucumber?Dynamic programming14–15 May
6. Railroad planningNetwork flow21–23 May

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Last updated: 2014-03-18