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During euRobotics week 2015, about 20 one-hour-long guided tours were arranged in Robot Lab at Lund University. The main audience were about 670 school children and students of all ages from 20 different school classes in the...[more]

Anders Frick 2015-02-24

Maj Stenmark är doktorand på datavetenskap vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola och lägger inom kort fram sin licentiatavhandling. Avhandlingen går under namnet ”Instructing Industrial Robots Using High-Level Task Descriptions” och...[more]

Film: Anders Frick 2014-11-28

Den här veckan arrangeras European Robotics Week, en vecka där man över hela Europa har olika aktiviteter på robotforskningslabb och robotforskningsinstitutioner. På Lunds Tekniska Högskola arrangeras guidade visningar för elever...[more]


LUCAS-day 2014 as part of the grand opening of Mobile Heights Center. Full program available![more]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Maj Stenmark - - Lund UniversityAndreas Stolt - - Lund UniversityGoing from high-level task specifications to low-level controlThe goal of our research is to semantically...[more]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Lund University,! High-level programming and simulation. AI reasoning: Natural language processing. Consistency checks. Action planning. Scheduling. Skill representation:...[more]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Jacek Malec, Klas Nilsson, Anders Robertsson[more]