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Computer Science 2008-01-01

Funder: Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) VR 2007–6595 (2008–2010)  Grant holder: Thore Husfeldt  Affiliated researchers:  Andreas Björklund (Ph.D., Lund 2007)  Martin Wahlén (Ph.D.,...[läs mer]

Computer Science 2008-01-01

Period: 2008-2011 Funder: Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) VR 2008-4649 (2008–2011) Grant holder: Andrzej Lingas Affiliated senior researchers:Christos Levcopoulos (docent, Lund University) Bengt Nilsson...[läs mer]

Computer Science 2008-01-01

UPpskalning av Priortierad REgressionstestning i ProduktlinjeArkitekturer[läs mer]


Upon selection of a requirement in one requirement set, ReqSimile calculates the similarity to all the requirements in another requirements set (which could also be the same set in order for finding duplicates and other...[läs mer]

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