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A short paper that was presented at the ongoing ESEM conference i Torino, Italy has investigated what universities and other organisations has published and been cited most since 1997. No doubt is USA the most successful country...[läs mer]


This year we have decided to combine LUCAS-dagen with the inauguration of the Mobile Heights Center in Lund. New date is Tuesday, October 21. New location is MHC, Mobilvägen 10. Welcome   You will find the latest version of...[läs mer]

Kristina Lindgärde 2014-08-27

År 2004 presenterade en grupp forskare en helt ny metod för att automatisera kravhantering, ett centralt område inom mjukvaruutveckling. Tio år senare har forskningen exploderat och gör nu sitt intåg inom den starkt växande...[läs mer]

EASE 2014-06-30

EASE sponsors Requirements Engineering and Testing Workshop at RE14 August 25-29 in Karlskrona.[läs mer]

SDE@CS 2014-06-09

Poster by: Boris Magnusson and Björn A. Johnsson at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Everything connected?Different Devices – Different ProtocolsMultiple locations – Heterogenous networksPutting it all...[läs mer]

EASE 2014-05-05

For researchers, the open source communities provide large datasets of historical information related to evolution of software architectures, developers’ networks, and communication networks. Network analysis can be applied to...[läs mer]

EASE 2014-02-20

When and how is agile development more efficient than regular software development? That is an important question for the whole software industry - and the main focus for Samireh Jalali, PhD student within EASE, at Blekinge...[läs mer]

EASE 2014-02-13

Håkan Grahn, Jan Kasper Martinsen, Anders Isberg  [läs mer]

SERG@CS 2014-01-01

Scalare is an ITEA2-project with participants from Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and Finland.  Period: 2014-2016 More information can be found here. From Lund University the following people participate: Sten MinörMartin...[läs mer]


Synthesis of a Software Engineering Framework for Open Innovation through Empirical Research[läs mer]


Ny, unik IT-teknik underlättar för de cancerpatienter i Skåne som vill vårdas hemma. Projektet som drivs av Lunds Tekniska Högskola och Region Skåne får nu fortsatt finansering med drygt 13 miljoner kronor från Vinnova.- Nu ska...[läs mer]

Graphics@cs 2013-11-21

Motivation: For any device, render optimal visual quality while maintaining a fixed performance set point.[läs mer]


Flexible fabrication of light weight aluminium transport structures[läs mer]

EASE 2013-10-30

PhD student Michael Unterkalmsteiner is eager to find out why requirements engineers and software testers don’t talk to each other. If communication between the two had been better, his research might not have been necessary....[läs mer]

Graphics@cs 2013-10-17

Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Maj Stenmark - - Lund UniversityAndreas Stolt - - Lund UniversityGoing from high-level task specifications to low-level controlThe goal of our research is to semantically...[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Lund University,! High-level programming and simulation. AI reasoning: Natural language processing. Consistency checks. Action planning. Scheduling. Skill representation:...[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Jacek Malec, Klas Nilsson, Anders Robertsson[läs mer]

EASE 2013-10-01

Markus Borg’s research aims to support the engineers working in today’s dynamic information space. His primary focus is on “Aligning Requirements and Verification”. Markus Borg is a Ph.D. Student in the Software Engineering...[läs mer]

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