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EASE 2013-09-16

Parallel programming is known as complicated and difficult, but unlike many other programming paradigms, it is not entirely the programmers fault. Jan Kasper Martinsen at EASE and Blekinge Tekniska Högskola has become an expert...[läs mer]

EASE 2013-09-02

Elizabeth Bjarnason knows the importance of communication. Collaboration and good communication can be a strong point and a safety net when running a software project. On the other hand, bad communication can cause big problems....[läs mer]


Period: 2013-2017 Project manager: Görel Hedin Funder: ABB[läs mer]

ESD@CS 2013-01-23

Poster by: Krzysztof Kuchcinski[läs mer]

CSSERG 2013-01-14

reqT is a requirements modelling tool for creating and managing requirements on evolving software-intensive systems. reqT combines natural language expressiveness with graph structures using an internal Scala DSL.[läs mer]

EASE 2013-01-13

The roll-up summarizes the 4th year in the EASE project. Most of the texts are based on titles of the scientific publications produced in 2012 under the project.[läs mer]


Mot kunskapsbaserad storskalig kunskapsutvinning ur svensk text.[läs mer]


Interaktiva verktyg baserade på referensattributgramatiker[läs mer]


Föräldrastöd och barncentrerad vårdutveckling, utvärdering och implementering. Period: 2013-2016 Project manager: Boris Magnusson[läs mer]

SDE@CS 2012-04-11

Poster by: Emma Soderberg Gorel Hedin at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Problem: How to efficiently analyse the semantics of a changing program? Conclusions: The RAG solution had much...[läs mer]


Computer Science 2012-01-01

Övervakning av verktyg med ny mätteknik.[läs mer]

Computer Science 2012-01-01

Essence är ett forskningssamarbete om e-vetenskap mellan universiteten i Uppsala, Lund och Umeå. E-vetenskap har förändrat vårt samhälle, vi omges av datorer och datateknologi i vårt dagliga liv. Men en mängd framsteg väntar på...[läs mer]


The European Robotics Initiative for Strengthening the Competetiveness og SMEs in Manufacturing by integrating aspects of cognitive systems.[läs mer]


Heart transplantation is lifesaving for patients with an end-stage heart disease. With an improved outcome prediction, we could be more confident in the post transplantation performance, and it would be possible to increase the...[läs mer]

EASE 2011-04-12

Pervasive computing put focus on the emerging situation where communicating devices and services needs to be put together in flexible ways. In heterogeneous mobile networks, devices come and go. The combined behavior needs to...[läs mer]

EASE 2011-03-22

Market-driven software development is becoming more common in the software industry, and at the same time, size and complexity of today’s products are continuously growing. To increase the chance of market success, it is...[läs mer]

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