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Graphics@cs 2013-11-21

Motivation: For any device, render optimal visual quality while maintaining a fixed performance set point.[läs mer]


Flexible fabrication of light weight aluminium transport structures[läs mer]

EASE 2013-10-30

PhD student Michael Unterkalmsteiner is eager to find out why requirements engineers and software testers don’t talk to each other. If communication between the two had been better, his research might not have been necessary....[läs mer]

Graphics@cs 2013-10-17

Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Maj Stenmark - - Lund UniversityAndreas Stolt - - Lund UniversityGoing from high-level task specifications to low-level controlThe goal of our research is to semantically...[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Lund University,! High-level programming and simulation. AI reasoning: Natural language processing. Consistency checks. Action planning. Scheduling. Skill representation:...[läs mer]

RSS@CS 2013-10-01

Poster by: Maj Stenmark, Jacek Malec, Klas Nilsson, Anders Robertsson[läs mer]

EASE 2013-10-01

Markus Borg’s research aims to support the engineers working in today’s dynamic information space. His primary focus is on “Aligning Requirements and Verification”. Markus Borg is a Ph.D. Student in the Software Engineering...[läs mer]

EASE 2013-09-16

Parallel programming is known as complicated and difficult, but unlike many other programming paradigms, it is not entirely the programmers fault. Jan Kasper Martinsen at EASE and Blekinge Tekniska Högskola has become an expert...[läs mer]

EASE 2013-09-02

Elizabeth Bjarnason knows the importance of communication. Collaboration and good communication can be a strong point and a safety net when running a software project. On the other hand, bad communication can cause big problems....[läs mer]


Period: 2013-2017 Project manager: Görel Hedin Funder: ABB[läs mer]

ESD@CS 2013-01-23

Poster by: Krzysztof Kuchcinski[läs mer]

CSSERG 2013-01-14

reqT is a requirements modelling tool for creating and managing requirements on evolving software-intensive systems. reqT combines natural language expressiveness with graph structures using an internal Scala DSL.[läs mer]

EASE 2013-01-13

The roll-up summarizes the 4th year in the EASE project. Most of the texts are based on titles of the scientific publications produced in 2012 under the project.[läs mer]


Mot kunskapsbaserad storskalig kunskapsutvinning ur svensk text.[läs mer]


Interaktiva verktyg baserade på referensattributgramatiker[läs mer]


Föräldrastöd och barncentrerad vårdutveckling, utvärdering och implementering. Period: 2013-2016 Project manager: Boris Magnusson[läs mer]

SDE@CS 2012-04-11

Poster by: Emma Soderberg Gorel Hedin at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Problem: How to efficiently analyse the semantics of a changing program? Conclusions: The RAG solution had much...[läs mer]

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