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EASE 2011-04-12

Pervasive computing put focus on the emerging situation where communicating devices and services needs to be put together in flexible ways. In heterogeneous mobile networks, devices come and go. The combined behavior needs to...[läs mer]

EASE 2011-03-22

Market-driven software development is becoming more common in the software industry, and at the same time, size and complexity of today’s products are continuously growing. To increase the chance of market success, it is...[läs mer]

SERG@CS 2011-03-08

Poster by: Richard Berntsson Svensson and Björn Regnell[läs mer]

EASE 2011-02-23

In the mid-1990s agile practices emerged as an alternative to more plan-driven development approaches aiming at overcoming their limitations. Since then many different organizations have applied different types and different...[läs mer]

EASE 2011-01-31

Starting up a research center takes time. The academic world has a focus on long-term research and industry must deliver fast to the market, which may cause friction in the collaboration. On the other hand, the academic values of...[läs mer]

SERG@CS 2011-01-23

Poster by: Emelie Engström and Per Runeson[läs mer]


EASE 2010-10-23

To receive and render high-definition video can get any computer to go hot. When the computer is hand-held, this must be far more effective both to avoid burning your hands and to save battery. In coming techniques it is more...[läs mer]


When: 24 november kl 9:00 ‐ 11:30Where: Barnhusgatan 12‐14, Folkets Hus, konferensrum 307/FH.Participants:Knut Mårtensson (Ordförande, SonyEricsson)Klas Malmquist (LU)Peter Thorman eller Anders Sixtensson (EASE...[läs mer]

SDE@CS 2010-04-11

Poster by: Emma Soderberg Gorel Hedin at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Goal: Easy construction of integrated development environments (IDEs) Focus: Services relying on semantic information Method:...[läs mer]


January 2010 update[läs mer]


January 2010 update[läs mer]


January 2010 update[läs mer]


January 2010 update[läs mer]

EASE 2010-01-29

The need for innovation, research, and highly skilled software engineers has never been bigger than today in the software industry. Collaboration between universities and industry is one of  the most important success...[läs mer]

EASE 2010-01-23

To ensure that software becomes what you intend, the alignment of requirements engineering and testing are of paramount importance.  We need to check that all requirements are realized and up to quality, but also make sure...[läs mer]

EASE 2010-01-15

The times when the open source arena was primarily viewed as a playground reserved solely for programming geeks and nerds has been a thing of the past for quite some time now.   Especially so since the industry has...[läs mer]

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