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Per Runeson


My research area is software processes in an industrial context, with a particular focus set on the verification and validation processes. The research is based on empirical methods; experiments, case studies and surveys. I am also interested in cross disciplinary aspects of the digital society.

I have published more than 170 papers and chapters in international journals, conferences and books, and is the coauthor of books on experimentation and case studies in software engineering. I am ranked 4th worldwide among systems and software engineering scholars by R. Glass (publications 2003-2007). 

I am member of the editorial boards of ESE and STVR, program board for ICSE 2014 and program committees for several international conferences. I am active in industry-academia and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The academic year 2011-2012, I spent my sabbatical at North Carolina State University, USA.

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Phone +46 46 222 93 25

Visiting address Ole Römers väg 3

Postal address Box 118, 221 00 Lund

Office: E:2420

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