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Peter Exner

I am a Ph.D. at the Department of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden. I am funded by Vetenskapsrådet, the Swedish research council.

My research area is within natural language processing (NLP) and I am currently mainly concerned with large-scale processing using Hadoop and applications of it. My main contributions concern using semantic parsing to automatically create knowledge bases from large amounts of unstructured text. I am also interested in creating the cloud computing frameworks that drive large-scale NLP exploration. Visit our project homepage,, for detailed descriptions and demos of our latest research.


I currently teach the following courses at our department:


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Phone: +46 46 222 80 99

Fax: +46 46 13 10 21

Visiting address
Ole Römers väg 3
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Postal address
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund

Office: E:4132B

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