Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Research projects at Department of Computer Science

Software Regression Testing with Near Failure Assertions

Per Runeson
2021/01/01 → 2022/12/31

Adaptive Developer Tools (ADAPT2

Emma Söderberg, Martin Höst, Luke Church, Diederick C Niehorster & Marcus Nyström
2020/03/01 → 2025/02/28 

ESS Data Lab

Per Runeson
Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)
2020/02/01 → 2021/01/31 

Text mining for COVID-19 research

Sonja Aits, Johan Frid, Pierre Nugues, Salma Kazemi Rashed, Jong Chan Lim & Marcus Klang
2020/01/20 → ... 

Adaptive Developer Tools (ADAPT1)

Emma Söderberg, Martin Höst & Luke ChurchSwedish Research Council
2020/01/01 → 2024/12/31 

Road Data Lab

Per RunesonSwedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)
2019/12/06 → 2021/12/31 

(Universitets) Lärares digitala arbetsmiljö (LärDa)

Carola Aili & Elizabeth Bjarnason
2019/06/01 → 2020/06/20 

Biomedical text mining for systems biology

Sonja Aits, Pierre Nugues, Mattias Ohlsson, Johan Frid & Marcus Klang
2019/04/01 → ... 

Tools and Languages for Machine Learning in Radar and Radio Astronomy (TaLMiRRA)

Flavius Gruian, Jörn Janneck & Elin Anna ToppThe Swedish foundation for International cooperation in research and higher education (STINT).
2019/01/29 → 2022/06/30 

Area VIII: Technical development

Björn A JohnssonBoris Magnusson & Inger Kristensson Hallström
2019/01/01 → ... 

Handling Vulnerabilities in the Value Chain (HATCH:)

Martin Höst & Martin HellSwedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)
2018/11/30 → 2021/11/30 

eHealth as an aid for facilitating and supporting self-management in families with long-term childhood illness - development, evaluation and implementation in clinical practice

Inger Kristensson Hallström, Magnus C Persson, Boris Magnusson, Björn A Johnsson, Pernilla Stenström, Annica Sjöström-Strand, Åsa Tornberg, Gudrun Kristjansdottir, Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir, Anna Welander Tärneberg, Robert Holmberg, Charlotte Castor, Helena Hansson, Matilda Wester Fleur & Emma TiseusSwedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)
2018/10/01 → 2022/11/30 

Säkra mjukvaruuppdateringar för den smarta staden (SMARTY)

Martin Hell, Boris Magnusson, Christian Gehrmann, Nicolae Paladi, Linus Karlsson, Jonathan Sönnerup, Björn A Johnsson, Görel Hedin & Mattias NordahlSwedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF
2018/03/01 → 2023/02/28 

WASP startup package Christoph Reichenbach

Christoph Reichenbach
2017/10/16 → 2021/10/15

Scalable automation for flexible production systems (ScalABLE 4.0)

Volker Krueger
2017/01/01 → 2020/06/30

PhD student projects

Software testing of autonomous systems

Qunying Song, Per Runeson & Emelie Engström
2020/01/01 → ...

Continuous system testing using autonomous monitors

Adha Hrusto, Per Runeson, Emelie Engström & Magnus C Ohlsson
2019/11/13 → ...

Explainable Declarative Programming Analysis

Idriss Riouak, Görel Hedin, Christoph Reichenbach & Niklas Fors
2019/11/01 → ...

SingleBatch: Warehouse Vehicle Routing SaaS

Johan Oxenstierna & Volker Krueger
2019/10/01 → 2024/10/01 

Simulation for Reinforcement Learning and Curiosity Driven Exploration for Robotics

Hampus Åström, Volker Krueger & Elin Anna Topp
2019/03/01 → 2024/02/29 

Robot Skill Learning based on Interactively Acquired Knowledge-based Models

Alexander Dürr, Elin Anna Topp & Volker Krueger
2019/01/14 → 2024/01/14 

Performance bug detection through combined static and dynamic program analysis

Alexandru Dura2018/10/15 → 2023/10/15 

Efficient GPU Programming for Visual and Autonomous Systems

Gustaf Waldemarson, Michael Doggett & Flavius Gruian2017/09/30 → 2022/09/30 

CIS: Exploration of Cognitive Dimensions in Software Engineering

Daniel Helgesson2016/12/01 → 2024/05/31 

Continuous Optimization of Software

Rasmus Ros, Per Runeson & Elizabeth Bjarnason
2016/04/01 → ...

Adaptive software architectures for autonomous system

Alfred Åkesson, Görel Hedin, Boris Magnusson & Niklas Fors2016/01/01 → 2020/12/31 

Digital Cognitive Companion for Marine Vessels

Mårten Lager, Jacek Malec & Elin Anna Topp2016/01/01 → 2020/10/01


Pierre Moreau, Michael Doggett & Jacob MunkbergSwedish Research Council2015/09/07 → 2020/09/07