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Sven Gestegård Robertz

Tekn. dr  (Ph. D.)
Universitetslektor (Associate professor)


I am currently doing research related to service composition and interoperability in an industrial control and robotics setting,  in the SMErobotics EU FP7 project.

I am also working on language and programming environment aspects of end-user composition of services in pervasive systems with service robotics as the use case in the ENGROSS national project, continuing work initiated in the PALCOM EU FP6 project, .

Other research interests include embedded real-time systems and memory management, particularily robust and flexible memory systems and adaptive garbage collection scheduling. Previous projects include real-time Java and EtherCAT for industrial robot control.

My doctoral work was carried out within the SSF-funded project FLEXCON -- Flexible Embedded Control Systems,and the ARTES project Integrated Control and Scheduling.




I am currently teaching the courses EDAF30 and EDAF50 (C++) and giving  lectures in the programming part of EIEF01 (Applied Mechatronics).

I have also been involved in the Real-time programming course, EDA040, Computer Mechatronics (Datamekatronik), EDA190, functional programming (EDAN40), the introductory programming course for the  mechanical engineering program (EDA501) , Compiler construction (EDA180), Software development in teams (EDA260), and  EDAF10 (Object-oriented Modeling and Discrete Structures).



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