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Elin Anna Topp, PhD (Tekn Dr)

About me

Since July 2012, I am an associate professor in the division for software development and environments (universitetslektor i avdelningen programvaruteknik) at the Department of Computer Science at Lund University - LTH, where I already in May 2009 joined the group for Robotics and Semantic Systems as postdoctoral researcher.

During fall term 2015 I will be responsible for the course on Realtime systems (EDA698) at Lund University's campus in Helsingborg, and I am usually involved to a significant extent in the course Applied Artificial Intelligence (EDA132) during the spring term. Otherwise my teaching responsibilities include some involvement in our basic courses in Computer Science, e.g., Programmeringsteknik - fördjupningskurs (EDAA01), the Computer Science project course (EDAN70), and (when scheduled) a course in collaboration with the Department for Industrial Design in Service Robotics (MMKN30). 

My research interests originate from my work with service robots during my PhD project, located somewhere between robotics and human-robot interaction, including both the design and implementation of system components for interactive robotic systems,  the design and realisation of user studies that aim to inform about the issues and challenges for the previously named systems, and the investigation of the (cognitive) models needed to link a user's understanding of her surroundings with a respective robotic representation.

Currently however, I am focusing more and more on the "other" side of robotics and HRI, investigating in how far results from HRI with service robots can be transferred to industrial robotic systems. Those investigations are carried out in the scope of the EU-funded project SMErobotics, running from January 2012 through December 2015.  

Before coming to Lund I received my doctoral degree in january 2009 based on my work at the Centre for Autonomous Systems at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. I defended my thesis on "Human-Robot Interaction and Mapping with a Service Robot: Human Augmented Mapping" in October 2008. Until spring 2008 I was working within the now concluded EU-project COGNIRON, where I investigated the integration of human and robotic spatial representations in the framework of Human Augmented Mapping (HAM).







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